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    Latest Tech News

    U.S. antitrust agency sues Qualcomm over patent licensing -

    A Qualcomm building in San Diego CaliforniaThe U.S. Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm Inc on Tuesday, accusing the company of using "anticompetitive" tactics to maintain its monopoly on a key semiconductor used in mobile phones. The FTC, which works with the Justice Department to enforce antitrust law, said that San Diego-based Qualcomm used its dominant position as a supplier of certain phone chips to impose "onerous" supply and licensing terms on cellphone manufacturers and to weaken competitors. Qualcomm said in a statement that it would "vigorously contest" the complaint and denied FTC allegations that it threatened to withhold chips in order to collect unreasonable licensing fees.

    Tue, 17 Jan 2017 18:19:46 -0500
    Why Tesla’s ambitious Model 3 may actually ship on time - With approximately 370,000 Model 3 reservations on the books, Tesla's manufacturing processes will need to be firing on all cylinders if it hopes to get the company's mass market EV to customers in a relatively timely manner. As it stands now, Tesla maintains that it will begin delivering Model 3 vehicles to early buyers by the end of the year. Specifically, Tesla is aiming to ship 100,000 Model 3 units before 2017 draws to a close. Of course, many industry observers are understandably skeptical of Tesla's timetable, if only because the company has a history of missing deadlines with respect to ship dates. The iconic Model S shipped later than expected and the company's newer Model X was also subject to a number of production delays. Consequently, many are taking Tesla's ambitious production schedule with respect to the Model 3 with a grain of salt. There may be good reason to be optimistic, though. Not only has Elon Musk said that the Model 3 is a less complex vehicle to manufacture, but Tesla's success has made it easier for the company to secure supply chain deals. Speaking to this point, Tesla's former Supply Chain chief Peter Carlsson recently explained during an appearance at the KPMG Automotive Executive Forum ( via Electrek ) how Tesla's ability to navigate the murky world of supply chain logistics has improved over the past few years and how this will positively impact Tesla's Model 3 production. As to Carlsson's specific background, he helped develop and orchestrate the supply chain for both the Model S and the Model X.   "Things will get a bit easier," Carlsson said. "Tesla has resolved some issues through vertical integration — doing things internally. And with the launch of the Model 3, the volumes of the business will be more attractive, and I think we will see more suppliers relocate." Carlsson further explained that Tesla, during the initial production days of both the Model S and the Model X, did not have strong working relationships with suppliers which often made securing necessary parts in volume a challenge. Indeed, Elon Musk has previously said that Tesla's emergence as a brand that's here to stay -- as opposed to being a flash in the pan -- has made it easier for the company to secure important supply chain deals and engender trust with third parties. What's more, Musk a few months back said that suppliers, in the wake of Tesla Model 3 pre-orders shooting through the roof, are now angling for Tesla's business directly as opposed to rebuffing overtures from the company. Tue, 17 Jan 2017 18:02:31 -0500
    Monkeys on diets are healthier, but their longevity is still up for debate -

    Monkeys on diets are healthier, but their longevity is still up for debatePutting monkeys on a diet delays the health problems of old age, new science says. Calorie restriction is one of the surest ways to stave off aging-related diseases and boost longevity in creatures with short lifespans, like mice, yeast, and worms.

    Tue, 17 Jan 2017 18:00:19 -0500
    Bitcoin exchange employee pleads guilty in U.S. case tied to hacking -

    FILE PHOTO: An illustration photo of Bitcoin (virtual currency) coins are seen at La Maison du Bitcoin in ParisBy Nate Raymond NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Florida man pleaded guilty on Tuesday to charges stemming from his employment with an unlicensed bitcoin exchange that prosecutors say was owned by an Israeli who oversaw a massive scheme to hack companies including JPMorgan Chase & Co. Ricardo Hill, 38, entered his plea in Manhattan federal court to seven counts, including conspiracy to operate an unlicensed money transmitting business, wire fraud and bank fraud. The Brandon, Florida-resident is one of nine people to face charges following an investigation connected to a data breach that JPMorgan disclosed in 2014 involving records for more than 83 million accounts. The charges against Hill stemmed from his employment as a finance support manager and business development consultant for an unlicensed bitcoin exchange called, according to court papers.

    Tue, 17 Jan 2017 17:51:40 -0500
    Qualcomm allegedly bribed Apple into not making a WiMAX iPhone -

    Qualcomm allegedly bribed Apple into not making a WiMAX iPhoneThe FTC filed a blockbuster lawsuit against Qualcomm today, arguing that the chipmaker used its baseband processor patents to illegally force competitors out of the market. Anyway, a big part of the complaint has to do with Apple, and the fact that Qualcomm spent a lot of time working and reworking its deal with Cupertino to remain the exclusive provider of modems in the iPhone. The FTC says that in 2007, Qualcomm agreed to refund some of Apple’s patent royalty payments if Apple agreed not to make a WiMAX iPhone.

    Tue, 17 Jan 2017 17:44:55 -0500
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